Hello friends!

Welcome to our newly updated website.  We hope you take some time to really take a look and check out all our links and information available for you.  We are so grateful to have the assistance we need to manage and update our website thanks to Brian Thompson, our technical advisor.  What a blessing he is!

On a personal note, though we haven’t been out speaking and ministering much in recent years, a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes in our lives.  For four and a half years, we had John’s sweet mother living with us before she made her move from this earth to her new and wonderful life in heaven.  Then later that same year, Mary’s mother also graduated to her permanent home in heaven.  Those changes impacted us greatly in a number of ways.

With this new freedom and the prayers of both sets of parents cheering us on, we discovered a new stirring and deposits within us that were suddenly released.  With a seven year break from my last book, “Weapons of Peace,” I once again felt an urge to start writing again, only this time I kept hearing encouragement from a number of sources telling me I needed to write fiction. 

This was something new to me with my background in journalism, feature writing and two non-fiction books.  Finally, the day came when I couldn’t resist these urgings any longer.  With no inclination as to what story I would tell, I sat down at the computer and as soon as I put my fingers upon the keyboard, I literally saw a vision of a storyline unfold before me.  I started writing what I saw and four months later, new fiction book, “Flying with the Eagles” is in production.  This new fiction book is the first in a series and the second book is in process. 

Wow!  I am in awe of what Jesus is doing here.

For those of you who might think that fiction is not for you, let me assure you that this story is not just a fanciful fantasy where crazy things take place, but this Spirit-breathed story is full of action and adventure where the reader is able to see the difficulties and challenges facing families and friends in a controlled and fear-ridden society.  The first book is subtitled, “A Way of Escape” as we see people who have learned to live in a free and very uncommon manner show others how to make this same choice for themselves. Obviously, the leadership, not happy about their decisions, seeks to capture and destroy all “dissenters” to their designed way of life.

The thing about the events in this story is that I’m sure many of you will recognize that this type of living is fully available to each of us as we learn to deal with all that attempts to hinder us from believing “impossibilities” with God.  That which enslaves seeks to keep us chained to our past experiences buried in our souls and to infiltrate our minds with lies at every turn.  The truth is, Jesus paid dearly for us to be free through His blood.  By living in Jesus, the tables are turned.  Heaven is indeed invading earth!  The Father has told us since the days of Jesus that He desires to cause all things to be on earth exactly as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)  We each have been granted the privilege to participate in this Kingdom Age where the beauty of heaven will be gloriously on display for all the world to see. 

We have each been born on this earth for such a time as this!  (Esther 4:14)  The question is, will we simply submit to the enslaving ways of the world around us or will we seek to live an uncommon life in Jesus which can set many captives free?  As we grow in Him, we will learn what mind-boggling freedoms already belong to us in the Kingdom of God.  Are you ready?

John and Mary Trask